EuroDebit powered by SEPA

Expand your market by selling internationally and to domestic consumers by simply offering more payments options.

With SEPA access is granted to the world's biggest market!

The European Union is the second largest e-commerce marketplace in the world, after Asia-Pacific. Many of the EU countries have higher rates of internet usage than the US. The B2C market in EU is projected to be as much as €625 billion by 2019.

Our EuroDebit®/SEPA payment system is the most widely used form of online payment in Europe for both one-time and recurring payments. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative involves the creation of a zone for the Euro in which all electronic payments are considered domestic, and where a difference between national and intra-European cross-border payments does not exist.

EuroDebit®/SEPA will increase your payment coverage to over 520 million consumers! We process direct debits and recurring transactions in real-time directly from consumers’ bank accounts in 50 countries and territories.

EuroDebit®/SEPA is also the perfect payment solution for European customers with no credit card or those who are reluctant to use them online for purchases. European consumers will thus have an additional and convenient method to pay online, and merchants could increase their sales by offering this local and trusted payment solution.

Merchants further benefit from the GEO-IP service that is included, which automatically provides the payment pages in the consumer’s native language. Also, local support phone numbers and email addresses for customer support are posted to manage consumer inquiries.

EuroDebit®/SEPA easily integrates with any existing billing platform and all of the Alternative Payments services include access to secure admin pages with detailed reports and features such as fraud scrubbing, age, and/or address verification, and recurring billing options.

For more details please visit our EuroDebit®/SEPA Product website.

Merchant advantages

Alternative Payments Infographic
Enter markets with low credit card coverage
Alternative Payments Infographic
Lower risk of returns
Alternative Payments Infographic
Payment option familiar to the consumer
Alternative Payments Infographic
Trusted buying process
Alternative Payments Infographic
Increase sales
Alternative Payments Infographic
Accept more than just credit cards

Consumer advantages

Alternative Payments Infographic
Trusted payment method
Alternative Payments Infographic
No credit or debit card needed
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Convenient, reliable, simple and secure
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Access to more products and services
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Language and currency localization
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Simplified shopping experience

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