Popular prepaid card with low risk of returns

Alternative Payments understands the need for merchants to accept prepaid cards while reaching new consumer markets. Prepaid cards are used by consumers that simply prefer to pay in cash online or by those that do not wish to divulge their personal, bank or credit card details on the internet.

Paysafecard is available in 45 countries worldwide. Processing paysafecard transactions on your website has low risk of returns.

Accepting paysafecard will also increase your sales, as you can target consumers that do not have credit or debit cards and it also provides the payment solution for declined card transactions and blocked customers.

Paysafecards are available in £10, £25, £50 or £100 values, however each transaction is settled in the currency of the local merchant, such as the U.S. dollar. Furthermore, the cards can be used for micropayments and several cards can be combined to allow for larger online purchases up to £1,000. Paysafecards do not expire and security against fraud is achieved by the 16-digit PIN code that is needed for each transaction and the cards can also be password protected by the user.

Transactions are processed in real-time and merchants will receive, as with all of the Alternative Payments services, worldwide customer support and access to sales reporting and transaction data via their own admin pages.

Product Description

Prepaid Card

Product Process

Consumer enters their unique card number, 16-digit PIN and optional password to approve an online transaction.

Product Sheet


Countries Supported

Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Bulgaria (BG), Canada (CA), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Finland (FI), France (FR), Georgia (GE), Germany (DE), Gibraltar (GI), Greece (GR), Hungary (HU), Iceland (IS), Ireland (IE), Italy (IT), Liechtenstein (LI), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Latvia (LV), Malta (MT), Mexico (MX), Netherlands (NL), New Zealand (NZ), Norway (NO), Peru (PE), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GB), Uruguay (UY).

Merchant advantages

Enter markets with low credit card coverage
Lower risk of returns
Payment option familiar to the consumer
Trusted buying process
Increase sales
Accept more than just credit cards

Consumer advantages

Trusted payment method
No credit or debit card needed
Convenient, reliable, simple and secure
Access to more products and services
Language and currency localization
Simplified shopping experience

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There are a lot more payments options customers from all over the world
feel more comfortable to use and trust much more than credit cards.

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