a fast, easy to use and trusted method for consumers

There is no need for consumers to sign up, register, use a credit card or to provide additional personal information. They simply select their bank upon checkout and enter their usual online banking information during a secure session to finalize their transactions. Merchants greatly benefit from DirectPayMax because it is economical, faster, with low risk of returns, and purchaser account information is verified to reduce erroneous transactions.

Simply more revenue with localized options! DirectPayMax has advantage over other payment methods like ACH because it greatly reduces the risk of chargebacks, whilst providing quicker payouts, for improved financial liquidity and higher sales volumes for merchants.

Product Description

Online Bank Transfer

Product Process

Upon purchase, the consumer selects their own bank and securely enters their usual online banking information. They simply approve the transaction and the funds are directly transferred from their bank account in real time and receive a payment confirmation immediately.

Product Sheet


Countries Supported


Merchant advantages

Enter markets with low credit card coverage
Lower risk of returns
Payment option familiar to the consumer
Trusted buying process
Increase sales
Accept more than just credit cards

Consumer advantages

Trusted payment method
No credit or debit card needed
Convenient, reliable, simple and secure
Access to more products and services
Language and currency localization
Simplified shopping experience

Set up your Alternative Payments account and sell online!

There are a lot more payments options customers from all over the world
feel more comfortable to use and trust much more than credit cards.

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