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How to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as the holiday season is ending, but we should not forget the biggest gift-giving holiday – Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s for loved ones, secret crushes, or even ourselves, finding that one perfect item can be difficult and overwhelming. Let’s face it, it’s a day of very mixed emotions. 

You might like it or hate it, it is an important holiday for many. Just like the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day can be an expensive occasion. In 2019, spending in the US for the occasion amounted to roughly $20.7 billion. Your job is to help your customers find the perfect gift for this special occasion. Ours is to help businesses find out how to prepare their stores for Valentine’s Day for 2022!

Make Valentine’s marketing campaign

Online shopping overall has seen a massive increase during the pandemic of COVID-19. More and more online businesses are booming and providing services to clients from the comfort of their own homes. 

January is a good time to start promoting Valentine’s Day products and services. Try to engage your customers and focus on their journey to the final product. Creating a marketing campaign to target and engage consumers will certainly help turn them into paying customers. 

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Email promotion is the easiest way to ensure your customers will return for another great shopping experience. Whether it is an online subscription they wish to give to their partner or a personal training to make their next Valentine’s a bit more fun, social media is the way to go as well. It is good to plan posts ahead of time. Last-minute promotions should not be thought of last but planned ahead. Start reaching out to Valentine’s Day shoppers via social media as soon as possible to maximize impact. 

A few red and pink hearts will go a long way. Your customers should see clearly that your Website is Valentine ready. Spruce up your shop and social media by decorating them with hearts and cupids. Hiding small cute messages in your products, pop-ups, and email is a way to pleasantly surprise your customers and be original. Being in the holiday mood will surely make the customers excited for Valentine’s shopping. 

Provide promotions

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Promotions are a great way to encourage potential customers to buy your product or sign up for your service when they are hesitant. When done well, they increase sales, attract new customers, and lead to repeat purchases. Small discounts are a good strategy for online businesses and are even expected in some cases. 

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Make sure your website is Valentine’s ready

With your website and social media ready to promote your e-commerce business, it is time to ensure your website can handle the traffic. It would be a disaster to receive a gift only to not be able to open it properly. A slow process leads nowhere when it comes to online shopping. Keep track of your sales and capabilities. Looking at the previous years’ sales will help you determine how much you must prepare for the upcoming holiday. 

If your business is still new and there are no previous sales to compare to, do research. Based on the industry and current traffic, you can predict potential customers who will use your offers during the season. Combining both is the best way to have a realistic sales forecast and get ready. 

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Make checkout quick and easy

Let’s say your store is all red and pink with roses and the server is able to handle the high holiday traffic. Your customers’ journey does not end there. Offering credit or debit card payment options only, increases the chances of shopping cart abandonment. Even when the shopping cart has a cupid. 

Pay attention to your customer’s payment preferences. Remove unnecessary obstacles between picking a product and finalization of the payment. By providing local payment solutions, your customers will feel all the love and safety of a great (customer-merchant) relationship. If they don’t feel safe providing personal information or have concerns that their payment information will not be handled securely, customers will not follow through with their purchase. 

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Expand beyond romantic gifts

Valentine’s Day might have been about partners before, but this has shifted in recent years a lot. A 2015 report found that over 21% of Americans planned to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. In the last few years, a new trend has emerged for women to buy “Galentine’s Day” gifts for friends. Many retailers are creating packages specifically for friends and family (and even pets). All the small gifts for loved ones added up to $700 million in additional sales in 2015. If you embrace all opportunities and adjust your marketing strategy, Valentine’s Day will be a proper love fest for your customers. 

Finally, don’t forget that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners, but all loved ones. Many customers may buy gifts for children, parents, friends, coworkers, and even themselves!

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Let us be your Valentine!

Whether you are used to making Valentine’s Day campaigns or not, it is a great chance to try something new. An omnichannel strategy, analysis of previous years’ sales, promotions, and those cute little hearts can be used to boost your sales easily. It’s important to know your customers and understand their needs in order to build a personalized shopping experience. 

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