Tips On How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Tips on How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Why you need an email list & how to build one.

Email is the one marketing channel that you don’t need a marketing degree to make work. Keep these basics in mind and you’ll be able to stay in the minds of you customers. It is a long-term and low-cost proposition. It is simply the most versatile tools in your e-commerce marketing toolbox. Emails can be used to highlight new products, re-attract customers you haven’t heard from in a while, boost visitors during competitive times such as holidays.

70% of consumers preferred email as the method of communication from companies.

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3 Dos to build a big list:

1. Do try using a site overlay: These overlays or light boxes have become a common feature on many e-commerce sites. Obvious yet not overwhelming.

2. Do consider offering a value proposition: free shipping, $5 off, or offer a coupon code. Get the email address and a sale!

3. Do tell them why they should sign-up: This could be anything from an advanced notice of sales to VIP deals, or just say you only mail when theirs something special to say.

Offer special access
Offer special access
Right on top can't miss it
Right on top can’t miss it
Ask for just enough info
Ask for just enough info
3 Don’ts of building your list:

1. Don’t ask for too much information: Keep it simple, email address, name, and perhaps a segment identifier such as gender.
2. Don’t open your email opt-in in a new window or tab: People start closing windows and tabs when they see unwanted actions.
3. Don’t hide your email list call to action. Stuffing an email enter box down in the footer of your site will keep your list from growing.

Some final thoughts…

Email is easiest opportunity to connect with people at work, home or on their mobile device. This also means you have to engage your audience or risk being lost in the shuffle. Don’t hit send until you can answer why your customer would want to get this email.

45%-50% of all email will be viewed on a phone or mobile device. This means that it is likely your customer will view your website from their phone. You must have a responsive or mobile optimized landing page or you will risk losing half your click-thrus.

Here is a list of some popular apps for building or managing email lists:

HelloBar keeping it simple and tidy

MailChimp if I was serious about email marketing and could only choose one app

OptInMonster if I wanted to optimize and A/B test until I nailed it

SumoMe right in the middle between simple but still powerful