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3 Ways Negative Reviews Help Online Sales

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There’s no question that most of Alternative Payments merchants would say they love positive product reviews. Is it possible that they might see a value in the occasional negative review? Here are 3 reasons to consider how they can be turned in your favor. 1. Believe-ability Negative reviews make the positives one more believable. You […]

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11 Jul, 15

New study: 82% of online shoppers make cross border purchases

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Global shipping giant FedEx commissioned Forrester Research to take a look at the present state of global e-shopping and e-shoppers. They released the white paper “Seizing the Cross-Border Opportunity: How Small and Medium Sized Businesses Can Go Global” in December 2014. Forrester’s study yielded three key findings: Cross-border eCommerce is a major revenue opportunity for […]

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12 Feb, 15

5 Easy Steps to Cut Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Online retailers are finding out that the uphill battle in maximizing sales may not be getting shoppers in the door, it may be getting them to the cash register. Shopping cart abandonment rates are regularly being reported to be as high as 70% or higher. Listrak, a well-known e-mail marketing firm, released an interactive chart […]

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09 Dec, 14

34 Million French Now Shop Online: Internet Sales Up 11%

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French internet sales figures for the first quarter of 2014 show an increase of 11% compared to the first quarter of 2013. The number of transactions increased by 15%. The total amount spent on-line by the French was €13.4 billion euros which equal over $18.1 billion US Dollars. There are now 34 million French on-line consumers, over […]

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17 Jun, 14