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Ready to Travel? 5 Interesting and Helpful Travel Infographics

Reading articles on travel can only make us feel worse because we’re probably not travelling as much as we wanted to. The travel industry definitely suffered major losses since the start of the pandemic – global tourism is expected to have a cumulative drop of $3 trillion to $8 trillion, before the situation gets stable once again. But, 2020 is behind us, and things are slowly starting to look good again, with more countries opening their borders this year. That is why everyone in the travel industry needs to do whatever they can do attract more customers, which is one reason why many started offering alternative payment options for different countries. However, we can still read a bit about the nature of travel, discuss some important tips and tricks and in that way, get ready for our next destination without actually getting ready for it. Until we’re perfectly sure what travel will look like in 2021, we made a list of 5 infographics that you will find not only helpful, but also very interesting:

The (unfulfilled) Travel Trends of 2020: The Rise of the Conscious Traveler

The following infographic by Inspira marketing was created in January of 2020, shortly before the global lockdown. However, it is still very interesting to see what the travel trends of last year would have been. Some of these will certainly be the trends once again when we’re free to travel the world. But are we going to be conscious travellers and care about the environment immediately, or will we tend to our own travelling needs first?

Source: Inspira


Best Travel Destinations

Travel destination trends change all the time, so it might be really tough to think now about what travel destinations will be huge once the pandemic is over. But one thing is certain – popular destinations will continue to be popular. The following infographic by Infographic Journal might not be very detailed in what and why you have to visit. Still, it’s one of those beautiful infographics that you just want to print out and put them on your living room wall as a motivation board. Imagine having these in your passport!

Source: Infographic Journal


How to Travel Cheap?

Another infographic by the Infographic Journal teaches us how to travel cheap and save some extra bucks in our pocket (which might be just what we need for our future travels, especially for those whose jobs were affected by the pandemic). You might know some of these tips, but there is definitely something new that you can learn. And apart from that, it’s so beautifully designed.

Source: Infographic Journal


At the Airport

Business travel was not affected as much as leisure travel during 2020, even though most people turned to different online meeting platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. But not everyone can do this, and those who have to travel to another country during the pandemic have to follow certain procedures. BCD Travel created a very helpful and informative infographic on what to do and what to pay attention to at the airport.

Source: BCD Travel


The Rise of Food Tourism

But let’s go back to the years when we travelled where we wanted to, whatever the reasons might have been. One of the most popular reasons people travel is to get a feel of a different culture and try something new and exciting that they have never tried before. Yes, this might be getting up on the Eiffel Tower, but it could also be to get an idea of what a different cuisine tastes like. Food tourism is a considerable branch of the travel industry, so we might even dedicate a whole article on it. Until that happens, this infographic (and the article that goes with it) by Venngage is a great read.

Source: Venngage