The Key Elements of a Bulletproof Sales Funnel

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In average, acquisition of clients in Ecommerce costs about 109$ USD. According to Marketing Sherpa, only 15% of the companies surveyed reported a decline in customer acquisition (15%), while most of Ecommerce marketers are worried about their rising expenses in this department (30%). From one perspective, investing in the further development of your marketing strategies […]

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08 Mar, 16

What Payment Trends and Challenges Every Online Merchant Should Know

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In the dynamic environment of the contemporary economy, digital trends are rapidly taking over the global market. During the last year, there has been a total of $562 billion in revenue projected in the country of China alone, all funds streaming through the ecommerce channels. The US market is second in line with the impressive […]

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22 Feb, 16

SEPA EuroDebit: Helps Expanding into Cross-Border Sales

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E-commerce merchants based in the US and Canada now have a game-changing advantage to ring up sales from European consumers. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) exists to unite the 28 EU countries (+7 others) into a single digital marketplace. The intention is to end many of the issues EU merchants encountered expanding into cross-border sales. This […]

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10 Feb, 16

Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Strategies: How Alternative Payments affect your ROI

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Key Insights for a Successful Strategy Love can certainly be crazy sometimes, but it can also be crazy lucrative. According to the National Retail Federation, on the Valentine’s Day 2016, it is expected that US businesses alone will accumulate an astonishing figure of $19.7 billion in revenue. One more interesting conclusion is the fact that […]

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06 Feb, 16

How Alternative Payments can Supercharge your e-Commerce Business

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The Internet has become an immensely powerful marketplace that keeps transforming the financial services industry. With the global e-commerce space projected to grow at 15% CAGR through 2018, payment systems need to adapt to the changing business landscape. Namely, as businesses and consumers move to online channels, financial services need to support their expectations in […]

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14 Dec, 15

Improving the Customer Experience with Live Chat

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Walmart has it’s greeters, Kinko’s has co-workers, Apple Stores have Specialists.You have …..a web page. It can’t say “hello”, tell the user that socks are on aisle 7, or provide instant customer support, or can it? Closing the distance on the customer’s journey to a relationship building experience just might be live chat. Email and […]

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12 Nov, 15

5 Easy A/B Tests for your Online Shop

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The easiest way to increase your web shop’s sales may be just a few small changes away. The term “A/B testing” is simply seeing how one variant performs against another. Often this is cited when comparing one version of a web page or website against another. The outcome may be derived from data such as time […]

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15 Oct, 15

5 Ways to Prepare Your Online Store for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a very important period for an e-commerce business. The last two months of the year are full of special holidays which you should use to boost your sales. This period can thus be very stressful. You have to take care of the planning, marketing, shipping, managing and especially providing great customer support.

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29 Sep, 15

Tips on How to Get Started With Email Marketing

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Why you need an email list & how to build one. Email is the one marketing channel that you don’t need a marketing degree to make work. Keep these basics in mind and you’ll be able to stay in the minds of you customers. It is a long-term and low-cost proposition. It is simply the […]

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07 Sep, 15