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Spain vs. Their EU Amigos: It’s Question of Growth in E-commerce

The Spanish website Capital, recently published an article titled “El Imparable Crecimiento del Comercio Electronico” or “The Unstoppable Growth of E-commerce”. Worth noting was the optimistic statistic by the eMarketer firm which estimates the Spanish e-commerce turnover will almost double in the next two years, from 18,000 million euros with which we will close 2014 at 30,000 million forecast for 2016. Clearly that is good news for e-commerce giant Rakuten who’s Marc Vincent, CEO e-commerce giant Rakuten Spanish operations stated, “Spain is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe from a digital view. But we need to move forward in many aspects to match the use of electronic commerce in all communities, boost transactions from mobile devices or to increase the variety of shopping beyond electronics or fashion-based services …”

Growth would be a good thing for this Southern European country. Spain still lags behind the EU in general where online shopping is concerned. The following chart shows on average Spanish shopper spend only 70% as much as their EU counterparts.

E-commerce spending per year EU vs. Spain
EU vs. Spain: E-commerce spending per year
















Addressing the reasons for Spain’s online shoppers online usage were the statistics given by the Spanish Government’s statistical group Instituto Nacional de Estadistica. The comfort (78%), price (73%) and saving time (65%) are the main advantages that Spaniards found in e-commerce, according to the INE.

*the original article can be found here (in Spanish)