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Increase Your Market Share by 59% with Alternative Payments (Now with Subscription Plans Included!)

Approximately, 2 out of 3 businesses are not reaching their full market potential.

Why is this so?

Simply because of their inability to enter other intercontinental markets due to export disadvantages. Which results in a potentially great profit loss.

But what is the number one cause behind this drawback? Is it taxes? Not really, since the international eCommerce routes have advanced significantly in the past decade. Could it be that there are simply too many competitors? That couldn’t be the thing, we’ve already mentioned – only one in three merchants are trying to target their audience on a global level.

The number one reason behind export disadvantages lies in the ability of retailers to address their target market. It’s all about cultural differences.

So, when your prospects, let’s assume that some of them are located in France, are interested in your product (or service), the only concern that they have is – how they will pay for it. Don’t forget that some of the most popular payment methods in the US are hardly as popular in other countries. For example, PayPal’s market share in France is 1.18%. That means that if you are trying to sell your product in France, and you are offering this payment option, you are reaching less than 2% of your prospects.

PayPal Share Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments can help you reach your full market potential

Our solutions can help you reach 59% of the global audience. The audience which is probably not preferring payment options that your website is offering.

Some of the renowned global brands are using Alternative Payments to reach their customers, and now you can do the same as well. With a simple addition to your eCommerce infrastructure, you will be able to offer your products in local currencies, in local languages, and with local support. No matter where in the world you’re offering it.

The best thing about our solutions is that you can integrate it with your eCommerce platform in less than 15 minutes, and start selling globally today!

So how does Alternative Payments work?

By integrating our solution with your eCommerce infrastructure, you will reduce the processing costs and make advantage of online payments ‘portability’, which enable consumers to checkout with a single user name and password, without the need to disclose credit card details.

Until now, we’ve offered turnkey solutions, and plugins for WooCommerce, OpenCart, and other e-commerce platforms, but now we are introducing the new and improved subscription and recurring billing plans which can be utilized across all industries, and all businesses that are depending on continuous payments from their existing clients.

We enhance your subscription payment plans

Alternative Payments is not limited only to retailers who sell products since now you can also offer subscriptions and recurring payments as well. When your clients are paying monthly fees to enjoy your service, they will certainly appreciate having the option to use their local payment options, and their preferred payment options.

When you offer payment plans that your customers are familiar with, and prefer to use, you are also inspiring customer loyalty. Which will provide you with an almost unfair advantage on the market.

But that is only one of the perks that you are gaining.

Once your customers set up their subscription plans, no additional work or customization is needed, and they will pay their invoices on their terms, and at your convenience. In this way, Alternative Payments is improving your billing efficiency as well.

Take note that while our way may seem straightforward and effortless, it doesn’t mean that it is less secure or costlier. On the contrary!

Our payment gateway is completely safe!

Our approach allows you to reduce the risk of a data breach by abolishing the need for businesses to store information in their records. This is beneficial for the safety of both the company and the end user.

This is surely a feature that your clients will look for when considering whether they want to share their sensitive data with your business!

Alternative Payments is PCI level 1 compliant, and all customer information stays safe during all transactions. Recurring or single payments, all data exchanged stays between your company and your client. In the modern world of e-commerce, data privacy is one of the main concerns of the ordinary consumer. This is why we are happy to provide you with the most secure payment method possible.

Now it’s time to grow your business

We’ve mentioned that all our features, and all the perks that you are getting by using our application, come at a reasonable price with no hidden fees at all. Another way that we help you improve your billing efficiency is that there is no fee attached to our Plans and Subscriptions feature. You pay when you make a transaction only with the regular fees that apply for processing.

This is a feature that your customers will love as well.

You can even offer a lower starting cost, which provides you with adaptability when planning your recurring payments. No matter what your pricing strategy is, Alternative Payments has a solution that you will be able to utilize and apply to your model.

Want to offer a free trail? Or maybe you want to ask for bi-weekly or weekly payments? No problem! Our dashboard allows you to customize your billing in any way you want to. You can monitor the progress of your payments via our dashboard, and even offer multiple options for payments to individual clients.

Want to sell your software as a service? Or maybe you are selling memberships for your premium content? Alternative Payments is applicable across all industries, and can be implemented with all business models that are offering products and services online!

Ready for growth?

One of the things which separate us from our competition is the fact that we are offering all of the above mentioned through SEPA EuroDebit. Which means that we can connect you with the entire Europe with a single integration!

In fact, Alternative Payments can connect you with the whole world. Well, with 59% of the world that you are missing today, at least.

Alternative Payment Methods Recurring Payments