Find Local Language Keywords Using Google's Global Market Finder Free Tool
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Find Local Language Keywords Using Google’s Global Market Finder Free Tool

Google’s Global Market Finder is a free tool that will help you  find local language keywords. It is a necessary step if you are translating your website or product information into a foreign language. It’s important to take the time to determine the keywords you want to emphasise for search engines or pay per click advertising as with Google Adwords.

Here’s an example I did using Google’s Global Market Finder to translate my keywords of different types of “shoes” from English into languages of the European Union:

global market keywords


After you enter your keywords, you can then choose to filter the results by region. I used European Union for this example which return the country list you see above. Selecting a country by expanding its sub-menu will provide a list of languages spoken in that country. One more click on your target language and you’ll have a list of the keywords you entered translated into that language. (example below)

german language translation shoes


Google also conveniently provides some Adwords information. The first number is the number of Local Monthly Searches, and the dollar figure is the Recommended Bid amount. The blue bar after the Recommended Bid symbolizes the level of competition in bidding for that keyword