Customer Loyalty: The Second Sale is The Sweetest
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Customer Loyalty: The Second Sale is The Sweetest

What is better than a sale from a new customer? Their next purchase because that one had zero cost of acquisition. You probably already do your best to provide a simple and sweet shopping experience. Great site user experience, product reviews or comparisons, maybe even free shipping. What happens at the checkout can be the deal maker or breaker.

adobe loyalty

This image taken from an infographic created by software giant Adobe (published here) illustrates that an online shop will need to attract seven new shoppers to equal the revenue generated by one repeat shopper.

Can you have customer loyalty if you don’t offer their preferred payment method?

International e-commerce is the norm. Borders and boundaries melt away when we are online. You have potential customers connecting with your business at the click of a button regardless of time zone or country code. To convert these browsers into paying customers, you must offer to take their payment in their local currency and preferred payment method.

Each country has its own unique mix of payment preferences. No matter how many air miles you’ve logged you probably be expected to know them all. A payment provider should.

Alternative Payments has broken down transactional boundaries by supporting merchants’ need to offer choices to customers. We can assist our merchants by providing a simplified purchase experience that will encourage customer loyalty. We will help you make that first sale, so your new customer will come back for that even sweeter second sale.