Alternative Payments Enables WooCommerce Merchants to Expand Internationally
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Alternative Payments Enables WooCommerce Merchants to Expand Internationally

Alternative Payments, the leading provider of local payment methods, announced it has launched a plugin for WooCommerce, connecting merchants to the global marketplace.

Alternative Payments, the leading provider of local payment methods, announced it has launched a plugin for WooCommerce, making the merchant’s global market expansion easier than ever. The company just improved this globally popular e-business platform by developing a plugin which will enable millions of eCommerce merchants, and WooCommerce users, to reach the global marketplace by offering local payment methods in local currencies, and language.

Various local payment methods constitute up to 59% of all transaction methods available worldwide, which is why online payment solutions just must allow customers to personalize and localize their payments at checkout. And this is what the new Alternative Payments WooCommerce plugin exactly does. With more than 20 most popular cross-regional local payment options supported in the current release, the plugin helps merchants to meet the needs of millions of customers that don’t use credit cards. By only opening an account with Alternative Payments and simple plugin installation, Merchants can expand their revenue streams in only a couple of minutes. Payment methods like SEPA, iDEAL, eps, Sofort, giropay, BoletoBancarió, UnionPay and many more are now just a few clicks away.

“Our WooCommerce plugin is built on our unique technology developed and fined tuned over more than 20 years, making Alternative Payments the most reliable partner for merchant’s international eCommerce,” says Wolf Kring, president of Alternative Payments.

This plugin allows e-retailers to create a positive customer experience, increase market share and easily tap into new markets, which means that they will conduct their business safely and more efficiently than before. “Local payment methods are one of the essential aspects of eCommerce and a trend that will continue being popular in the years to come” concluded Kring.

With advanced features like order editing for each payment method; smart IP payment method filtering by supported country; extensive webhooks and SMS verification for SEPA DirectDebit, this plugin simplifies cross-border eCommerce. With these innovative solutions, customers can shop and conduct payments all over the world – with their preferred payment option, language and currency – without any borders to cross when it comes to checkout.

Alternative Payments is not just one of the most innovative companies in this industry, but also a leader in development and experience. The company reestablishes its position in the world of local payment options, but also proves what over 20 years of experience have ultimately been leading to a unique approach to global online payments and a set of much-needed eCommerce solutions for all parties involved.

Alternative Payments’ solutions will allow users to conduct more business, expand their revenue and reach new markets – all by spending a minimal amount of money and time.

About Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments provides a global payment infrastructure to ensure e-commerce merchants can convert international web traffic into approved transactions. The core gateway handles cross border payments by streamlining a robust portfolio of global payments solutions into a single checkout flow. Alternative Payments is the exclusive provider of the direct debit solution EuroDebit®/SEPA, reaching over 520 million EU consumers. Merchants experience frictionless on-boarding and quick access to the global online marketplace. For further information about Alternative Payments please visit or follow us on Twitter (@Alternative_Pay).

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