A leading payment card in Japan expands to Europe
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A leading payment card in Japan expands to Europe

JCB was founded in Japan in 1981 and remains the only major payment brand headquartered in Japan. It currently estimates 84 million card holders, of those, approximately 17 million customers are using JCB cards issued in countries and areas outside of Japan. However, JCB is making moves to expand it’s card membership base in Europe. JCB International is increasing its presence in Europe by expanding its merchant network. Currently, card members can pay with JCB card at about 26 million merchants worldwide including several million in Europe. JCB International has just announced it has partnered with European Merchant Services (EMS). This will allow EMS merchants in the Netherlands to begin accepting JCB cards. 

This will allow Asian business travelers and tourists to the Netherlands use their preferred payment method at many merchants beginning in July 2014. Clearly this has the potential to increase spending and the level of comfort and trust.


Ryuji Shinzawa, Executive Vice President, commented, “JCBI has been doing business in Europe for 32 years and we continue to grow the number of locations where our customers can use their cards…”

JCB International has also announced a partnership with Ayden, a European based payments provider.  Their partnership to enable Adyen merchants in 28 European countries to accept payments both online and in stores from over 84 million JCB card members worldwide. Bolstering its acceptances in the Netherlands however also offering merchants in France the opportunity to accept JCB cards for the first time.

Japan boasts 100 million internet users with 75 million being online shoppers. E-commerce sites with Japanese customers have the option to accept JCB cards via their Alternative Payments account.

Whilst all the business talk is impressive, I’ve got something for JCB card holders as well. JCB is pleased to offer cardmembers from around the world free admission to Tokyo Tower’s Main Observatory starting today. When any of JCB’s 17 million international cardmembers(2) in 16 countries and territories visits Japan they can enjoy the view from Tokyo Tower’s Main Observatory (150 m) for free(3) just by showing their JCB card at the admission ticket window. This offer is available until June 30 2015