About Alternative Payments

UAB Alternative Payments is a global financial services organization and licensed payment institution authorized to carry out payment services. The company's global operations reach the European Union, Canada, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the United States.

We provide a global payment infrastructure to assist e-commerce businesses in maximizing their conversions of international traffic and revenue streams with a broad portfolio of payment solutions local to their consumers. Many of our products were among the first to be introduced to the online payment market.

We focus on high-growth, payment-related and internet-related services and consolidate the entire portfolio of solutions to streamline the checkout process for international consumers.

Our Team

Mindaugas Rizgelis

Mindaugas Rizgelis

Chief Executive Officer

Wolf Kring, president

Wolf Kring

President and Founder

Ines Kring, EVP & COO

Ines Kring

Chief Compliance Officer
Senior Executive Vice President

Oliver Muskinja, Business Operations Manager

Oliver Muskinja

HR & Business Operations Manager

Brian Cheung, Chief Technology Officer

Brian Cheung

Chief Technology Officer

Sergey Rogatnev

Sergey Rogatnev

Chief Information Security Officer

Vergina Look, Senior Accountant

Vergina Luk

Senior Accountant

Dusan Borisev, Financial Controller

Dusan Borisev

Financial Controller

Jenine Castaneda, Staff Accounting

Jenine Castaneda

Staff Accounting

Sasa Dubara

Sasa Dubara

Scrum Product Owner

Izabela Nesic, Project Coordinator and Scrum Master

Izabela Nedic

Project Coordinator and Scrum Master

Ugljesa Novak, Software Architect

Ugljesa Novak

Software Architect

Nikola Koprivica, Software Developer

Nikola Koprivica

Head Developer

Boris Feher, Software Developer

Boris Feher

Software Developer

Lazar Zlatic, Senior QA Consultant

Lazar Zlatic

Senior QA Consultant

Predrag Panic

Predrag Panic

Server Administrator

Sofija Dragisic, Head of Sales

Sofija Dragisic

Head of Sales

Isidora Radisic, Payments Specialist

Isidora Radisic

Payments Specialist

Sandra Novakovic, Payments Specialist

Sandra Novakovic

Payments Specialist

Marko Bogunovic, Payments Specialist

Marko Bogunovic

Payments Specialist

Katarina Pavlov, Payments Specialist

Katarina Pavlov

Payments Specialist

Sandra Acimovic, Legal Counsel

Sandra Acimovic

AML Legal Counsel
Data Protection Officer

Ivana Davidovic, HR Generalist

Ivana Davidovic

HR Generalist

Zana Zivkovic, Office Manager

Zana Zivkovic

Office Manager
HR Assistant

Zana Zivkovic, Office Manager

Ljiljana Orlandic

Executive Assistant to the President

Darko Prskalo, Merchant Support Representative

Darko Prskalo

Merchant Support Representative

Ivan Vukovljak, Merchant Boarding Assistant

Ivan Vukovljak

Merchant Boarding Assistant

Jovana Radovanovic

Jovana Anic

Graphic Designer

Patrizia Ucci, Consumer Support

Patrizia Ucci

Consumer Support

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